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In this section, you will be able to know the benefits and conditions of our Affiliate Program. The Program opens up additional opportunities for all our investors. By inviting your acquaintances and friends to our Affiliate Program, you are considerably widening your social horizons and improving your sales skills. In our Affiliate Program, you promote the Company’s development by popularizing our activities. At the same time, you earn a guaranteed decent reward for your work!

Our Affiliate Program features 5 tiers and thus meets all the requirements of modern online business associated with inviting new members. The first tier is by default open for use to everyone. The remaining 4 tiers open gradually as your activity in the Company becomes stronger.


  • 1st Tier. Activated by default. Referral commission varies from 0.5% to 17% of the deposit made by your Tier 1 referral. It depends on the investment plan chosen by your referral.
  • 2nd Tier. Tier-2 commission: 2% Activation conditions: 25 active Tier 1 referrals.
  • 3rd Tier. Tier-3 commission: 1% Activation conditions: 50 active Tier 1 referrals.
  • 4th Tier. Tier-4 commission: 1% Activation conditions: 100 active Tier 1 referrals.
  • 5th Tier. Tier-5 commission: 1% Activation conditions: 200 active Tier 1 referrals.