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Where to start?

Mail client. First of all you need to create an e-mail address through which you’ll be interacting with We strongly recommend creating a Gmail or Yahoo mail account. Please, don’t use other email services other than the two to avoid possible confusion and difficulties that may arise while exchanging correspondences with the company online.

Electronic wallet and topping up. After creating an email address, the next step is to register with the electronic payment system you plan to use for investment in our Company. After creating the account, top it up.

  • To open an e-account, you can register with any of the following electronic processors:

You can register with any of them of your choice or with all of them if you want (recommended). The registration procedure is very simple and will take you little time. Topping up your accounts should also not cause you any trouble. On our site, go to the section “Exchangers” and follow the guidelines that are set out there. If you intend to do the top up yourself, you can always choose any other online exchangers of your choice. For example, you can choose an exchanger from the service, whose reputation is backed by years of impeccable collaboration with many exchangers. In any case, in order to avoid misunderstandings, we strongly recommend using only certified and verified exchangers for any monetary transaction that has to do with online exchange services.

Topping up your account is a very simple process. It is important to follow the particular procedure outlined by any service. To top up your account, you need to have enough amount in your bank account or credit/debit card that can be used via the Internet.

  • Registering on the Company’s website.
  • To start investing, you must first register on our website For details, please see the section “Legal Information”.
  • To register, click the button “Registration”. A registration form will open. You are required to complete ALL the fields in this form as follows:
  • In the “E-mail” field, enter your email address;
  • In the “Login” field, come up with a username and enter it (only Latin letters and numbers);
  • In the “Password” field, come up with a password (at least 8 characters) and enter it. The password should be made up of alphabets and numbers. It is recommended to write some characters in capital letters;
  • In the “Secret Question” field, come up with a question (English language is recommended);
  • In the “Secret answer” field, come up with an answer to the Secret Question;
  • In the “Your Perfect Money account” field, enter your Perfect Money account number in the format* U12345678
  • In the “Your PAYEER account” field, enter your PAYEER number in the format* P12345678 or your email address you used to register with Payeer
  • In the “Your Advanced Cash account” field, enter your Advanced Cash account number in the format* U 1234 1234 1234 or your email address you used to register with Advcash
  • In the “Your Bitcoin account” field, enter your Bitcoin account number in the format* 1M7k7mPpyE63P7TtFDFsssEwRRuFARG
  • Confirm that you accept the “Agreement” by activating the appropriate “window” by clicking the cursor. Then click the “Register” button below.

Investment. You are now ready to invest. You have an email address, you’ve topped up your electronic account and your Account profile on our site is created. Now you can start investing by first studying and selecting the most suitable investment plan.

Log in to our website using your Username and Password;

In your Account, click “Make deposit”;

Check out the investment plans. Choose a suitable plan and click “Choose”;

Select an e-payment system from where you want to make a deposit;

Click “Make a deposit”;

In the window that opens, you’ll see a pre-prepared deposit order. Check all the data in it and, if necessary, make corrections by clicking “Cancel”. If everything is correct, click “Continue”.

Next, the site will redirect you to the website of the electronic processor from where you want to make your deposit. Follow the instructions that are shown on that site. After payment, you’ll be redirected back to our website. The first thing you’ll see is a message that the payment is successful!* This means that your deposit has already started working for you and that you are on your way to a new standard of living. If you chose an investment plan that has daily accrual, then after 24 hours**, your first profits will be credited to your account balance.

Payouts. The server time shall be regarded as the time at which interest is calculated. The server time may be different from your local time. We recommend that you record the deposit activation time as shown in your Account profile in the “My deposits” section. If you chose an investment plan that has daily accrual, then within 24 hours you will be able to request for withdrawal of your accrued interest. Log in to the Company’s website and go to the “Withdraw” section. Select the payment system you used to make a deposit***, enter an available amount and click “Withdraw”. Your money will be transferred to your e-account within the scheduled timeframe.

Active income. If you can’t determine which investment plan will be the most beneficial for you, or you’re not a fan of rapid and crucial decision-making, then our Affiliate Program will be ideal for you. The Affiliate Program gives you the opportunity to earn money without having an active deposit. It’s very simple. Login to your profile on our site, click “Referral Link” and copy it. Then, share this referral link among your friends and acquaintances by offering it to them. If your friends and acquaintances register on our site via your referral link and make deposits, you will be paid a referral commission. You’ll receive a referral commission for every deposit made by any of your referral. First, this practice stimulates the Company’s growth, and secondly, motivates new members of our Affiliate Program. That’s a brilliant example of a mutually beneficial cooperation!

* Instead of the examples, enter your real data. It is not compulsory to have all the e-accounts, but it is recommended. ** Not all investment plans have daily accrual. For more details, please see the “Investments” section. *** This mechanism also applies to when requesting for withdrawal of your referral commission.

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