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1 Is Aurum Financial Group LTD a legally registered company?

Aurum Financial Group LTD is incorporated in the UK. The company is licensed to carry out commercial transactions around the world. It provides financial reports in accordance with the established rules in the UK.

Below are some of the Company’s registration details:

  • Aurum Financial Group LTD
  • Number in the State Register: 10330779
  • Registered office address: 31 Southampton Row, London, United Kingdom, WC1B 5HJ
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors: Barry Newton
  • Any of our clients can verify the above data by clicking on the following link:
  • From the link above, you can find our company details with the Companies House – United Kingdom’s registrar of companies – by typing the Company number (Company No. 10330779) in the appropriate box.
  • Besides, anyone can always examine our documents here.

Forex trading, cryptocurrency transactions on exchange rate differences and concession participation in gold mining are all the main avenues via which we generate profits. By distributing investment funds in several areas of investment, Aurum Financial Group LTD creates preconditions for minimization of low points or loss, thereby ensuring a stable income for the company and its investors. Thus, we have real opportunity to meet our investment commitments and steadily make equity payouts to each investor on a constant basis.

Our website provides information and consultations. It also organizes investment operations and fiscal accounting, provides support to our investors and provides overall information to all users about the situation on major investment markets at any given time.

We’re open to any constructive dialogue, including personal briefings and formal negotiations. However, we are a commercial entity and by visiting our office, you’ll probably only be able to communicate with our PR manager. If you would want to make an offer or discuss a mutually beneficial proposal with the Company’s management, you’ll need prior written approval of your visit so that we could give you appropriate business date and time.

Our Technical Department and Strategic Planning Department have created all measures aimed at ensuring that the Company’s website meets the highest modern web security standards that would prevent any data loss, DDoS attacks and other harmful factors against the Company’s official website.

Complete a simple and fast registration process in our program by clicking on the ‘Registration’ button. After that, just follow the instructions that will be appearing automatically on the site.

A user can create more than one account using the same computer or the same IP address. However, all these accounts must not be used to unscrupulously cheat and earn unfair referral fees. This is a binding condition.

Any personal data provided to us is strictly kept confidential. Check the ‘Agreement’ section for more information about the terms and our obligations in respect of privacy of personal data.

For information on how to top up your e-wallet or how to create an e-wallet account, carefully read the ‘Education’ section.

If you are already a registered user, log in to the site using your username and password. Then, in the ‘Make deposit’ section, select your preferred plan, click ‘Choose’, then click ‘Make a deposit’ after indicating the amount and payment processor. Then follow the simple guidelines. For a more detailed understanding of the above process, please go to the ‘Education’ section.


Currently, we accept the following payment methods:
Perfect Money, PAYEER, Advanced Cash, Bitcoin.

If you are using any payment system other than bitcoin, your deposit will be instantly activated and it will immediately starts to work, fetching you income. As for bitcoin, in some cases it may take time for the money to be credited in the account. This is due to the transaction verification process in bitcoin. It can take up to 48 hours.

All active deposits cannot be withdrawn from the system prematurely. For more details, please refer to the ‘Agreement’ section.

Investment profits are credited in your account balance. For investment plans featuring active ‘Plowback’ (compounding), the profit paid is added to the main deposit. For plans without active Plowback, the profit is made available for withdrawal at all times.

Login to using your username and password and click on ‘Withdraw’. Then follow the simple instructions that will appear.

Verification of requests (Payout Regulation) can take from 1 minute to 48 hours during business days and 72 hours on weekends. However, requests are confirmed much faster.

This is technically impossible. However, you can always just create another deposit. There are no limits on the number of deposits created by the investor on the same plan. So, you can always increase your income without changing your investment strategy.

You are doing everything right. It is just that in our program, you can’t make such withdrawal as described above. We don’t provide exchange services. Thus, you can withdraw your earned income, as well as your deposit only to that e-account from where you made the deposit. US citizens are exceptions – referral commissions paid to US citizens can be converted to Bitcoin at the current exchange rate.

Yes, you can. When choosing a deposit method from the ‘Make deposit’ menu, select "Account Balance".

Yes. Use the ‘Plowback’(compounding) feature, available in your account. Please note that we offer a number of investment proposals with ‘100% Plowback’(compounding). For more information, please check the description of the investment plans and the ‘Agreement’ section.

‘Plowback’ is a process by which part or all your earned profit is automatically reinvested back into your main deposit until the investment proposal is disabled completely or expires. Full ‘Plowback’ is when 100% of accrued funds are added back to your main deposit. Partial ‘Plowback’ is when a percentage of the accrued funds is added back to the main deposit, while the remaining percentage is made available in your account balance for withdrawal to your e-account. Example: If, according to your investment plan, you receive 1% of your deposited amount (let’s assume it’s $50 a day). With a 100% plowback, your deposit amount after a day will increase by $50, and after two days it will increase by $50.50, and so on. In the case of partial plowback, for example 10%, your deposit will increase by $5 (10% of your $50 income) the next day. You will be able to withdraw the remaining $45. In all other areas, partial plowback is identical to full plowback.

You can’t change an investment plan that already has an active deposit due to technical, commercial and legal reasons. For details, please refer to the ‘Agreement’ section. We therefore recommend that in your case, just make another deposit directly to the investment plan of your choice.

Our Affiliate Program can help ordinary users to generate additional earnings. If you want to earn more, please read the ‘Become a Representative’ section. This section describes the conditions for obtaining even greater opportunities to earn active income. In any case, making use of our additional active earning solution will open up the opportunity to put into practice your aspiration for better conditions and well-being.

It is a unique identifier that records all registrations made via this URL. A user account is automatically tied to you as your referral. Thus, any user who registers on the site through your referral becomes your referral.

It is a person who registered an account with our Company using your referral link. Your account balance will be credited with a referral commission for a deposit made by any of your referral.

All referral fees are paid solely in the currency of the electronic payment system used by your referral to make a deposit. In this case, it will be bitcoin. Therefore, you should check whether the billing data (account number) of this particular payment system are saved in your account. If not, we recommend that you do it yourself through the ‘Settings’ section. Or you can contact our customer support and we’ll help you enter and save your e-account details in your account profile.

Under our Affiliate Program, each member is entitled to receive a referral commission regardless of whether he/she has an active deposit in our program.

First method:

Use the ‘Password Recovery’ section in the Company’s website. In the password recovery form, enter all the required information. You will be sent the recovered password to the email address you indicated during registration.

Second method:

If you didn’t receive the password by email, or you find it difficult to use the first method, contact our customer support. We’ll help you to quickly recover your login data.

We don’t cover your tax expenses and we don’t interfere in the tax laws of any country. However, be reminded that you earn income for which all tax obligations have already been covered by our Company in line with the tax laws of the United Kingdom. Besides, we don’t provide data about our clients and their revenues to third parties.

There are several ways to seek advice, help and support from us. Use all the avenues provided for this purpose. We work for you and for shared prosperity.

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