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Promo “My impressions about”

Promo dates: please follow our news. Promo guidelines:
  • Make a video review of the Company, upload it on YouTube® and send a link to us using the form on this page. You can also send the video review to our customer support if you have any difficulties posting your video on YouTube®. After moderation, your video review will be posted in the “Video reviews” section and your account balance credited with $5, which you can withdraw at any time you want.
  • Your face must be clearly seen in the video.
  • The video must not be less than 10 seconds long.
  • To participate in the promo, you must have an active deposit under any investment plan.

Attention! The amount rewarded for participation in any of the Company’s promos can be withdrawn in the currency of the payment system in which the promo participant had an active deposit at the time of sending materials for participation in that promo.

Take part in any active promos right now!

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